Aurora, Ontario & Asuncion, Paraguay – National Air Services, the Canadian distributor for Event 38, a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles for business, announced the successful delivery of an E384 complete system to a group of “hestancias” (farms) owned by Mr. Hermann Dieter Gehre in Paraguay.

This E384 system will be used for accurately mapping the extensive properties as well as for agricultural purposes. Furthermore, it will be used for surveillance.

The E384 drone has a two hour flight time carries a one kilogram payload and can cover a distance of 70 kilometers. Combined with an Event 38 custom optical sensor, the E384 can fly 1,000 acres in a single flight and provide detail imaging at the two centimeter level.

From its main office in Asuncion, Mr. Hermann Dieter Gehre announced that its first flight took place on April the 5th, 2016, using the Event 38 E384 drone to map one of his large hestancias. “The E384 is particularly easy to fly, well suited for our inspection, agricultural assessments and mapping. We are very proud to be the first company to receive this unbelievable machine in Paraguay and thankful for all of the support, patience and friendship that the people at Event 38 provided to help us achieve the goal.”

From its offices in Aurora, Ontario, National Air Services specializes in low altitude, high definition aerial imaging and inspection services, including aerial photography and aerial cinematography. Mark Hill, President says “Our partnership with Event 38 helps us offer to our customers a cost effective alternative to manned aircraft for a variety of applications in the fields of engineering, construction, environmental planning and monitoring, forestry management and law enforcement solutions.”



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