Photography & Documentary

Rental of long and medium range drones with a wide range of sensors and lenses for every field of application. Professional Pilots, active and passive safety systems, dedicated licenses.

  • Drone Rental (with pilot).
  • Aerial Photography.
  • Video Production.

Photogrammetry & Mapping

We use fixed and rotary wing aircraft for long and medium range equipped with a wide range of sensors and lenses.

  • Precision Mapping.
  • Precision Agriculture.
  • Post-processing imagery and mapping (2D and 3D).

Aerial Surveillance & Search and Rescue

We offer dedicated services for large companies, Security Professionals and Law Enforcement agencies.

  • Property Surveillance.
  • Search & Rescue.
  • Video Analytics.

Critical Infrastructure Inspections

Aerial Inspection provides invaluable and low cost information about asset’s condition that allows making critical operational and maintenance decisions.

  • Infrastructure Inspections.
  • Roof Inspections.
  • Power Lines and Oil/Gas Pipeline Inspections.
  • Forestry Management and Wildlife Census.

Flight Training

We offer e wide range of training classes from basic to college diploma. For more info contact us.

  • Basic 101 UAVs training.
  • Advanced UAVs training.
  • Commercial Regulations and SFOC.
  • Video Cinematography and Photography Diploma. (provided by a registered Ontario college)